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Sam Toys

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July 3, 2007, Sam Toys Industrial Co., Ltd. was established.

July 30, 2008, our company began to enter the international market.

November 28, 2010, our brand “SamToyCn” was approved for registration and usage.

January 14, 2011, our company was recognized as a general taxpayer with the qualification to issue VAT special invoices.

January 31, 2012, we as a member to join China Toy Association.

December 31, 2012, Sam Toys Industrial (HK) Company Limited was established.

April 15, 2015, the world’s top foreign trade management software was introduced into our company. The information of clients, products, suppliers, mails, finance and daily routine were under the all-round and unified management.

2016, it’s the year of company culture. We defined our company position: integrate toy industry chain, to be a Professional Service-Provider for Toys Purchasing and Customization.

From March 28, 2017, we gradually complete the record of the registration of foreign trade, the inspection and quarantine of entry and exit inspection, the registration of customs declaration units in China and tax refund (exemption) on exported commodities etc. We became one of the few toy enterprises with self-managed import and export in Shantou area.

2019, there were 400 thousand kinds of products to meet the needs of most toy customers.

2021, introduce the enterprise management rotation system to realize the automation, systematization and specialization of products, teams and channels.

Sam Toys Industrial Co., Ltd.
Business range It includes but not limited to all kinds of plastic toys, plastic electronic toys, plastic products, plastic daily necessities, handicrafts and so on. Business mode Manufacturer, Trading Company
Customization Yes Business type Wholesales; OEM; ODM; Others
Service 3D design, Prototype sample, Molding, Injection molding; IC, Assembling, Printing, Packing Main markets China, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, America, Europe, Asia, Global
QC Interior & Third party Total employees Less than 100 people
Year established 2007 Location Shantou, Guangdong, China