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Prevention and control 2019-cNoV, we always stay with you

Time:2020-04-13  Author:samtoy  Views:1834 Source:

2020, a global epidemic caught us by surprise, COVID-19 became a global public enemy.

(Data from Tencent News on 11 April 2020)

Up to now, in China the prevention and control measures have achieved obvious results and the number of newly diagnosed cases has dropped significantly, but the situation is not optimistic overseas. In US there are more than 460,000 people have been diagnosed, in Spain there are over 150,000 people and in Italy it’s over 140,000. There is still the possibility of outbreaks for many regions. For the trade industry, the trading companies all over the world are bearing heavy burden this year.

As the gradual improvement of the epidemic situation in China, China is also actively sharing medical achievements with other countries and the tight demand for medical articles has also been relieved. Sam Toys has a lot of partners overseas, which affects our hearts all the time. Recently, we visited and cooperated with some professional suppliers of medical articles. At the same time, we also have carried out the registration of medical related trade export qualification. During this special period, Sam Toys strives to provide medical materials export services for overseas partners and we hope to make a contribution to fight the global epidemic.