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Sam toys is a better choice for cross border e-commerce sellers

Time:2020-09-04  Author:samtoy  Views:1665 Source:samtoy

At the beginning of 2020, lots of traders feel confused cause the unexpect covid-19. It is the crisis but also the opportunity.

Traditional retails have been attacked seriously. It is the big trend for trading company sets foot in the cross border E-COMMERCE.

What kind of major characteristic for products that it is suitable for cross border E-COMMERCE?

1,The freight cost and labor fee is expensive than china, so the package of product is more smaller.

2,The shop once have the order but can not ship out on time, it will be very easy let the system reduce the link’s product exposure. At that time, the popularization cost will be wasted, so cross border E-COMMERCE is strictly for the delievery time.

3,The cross border E-COMMERCE seller is always worry about negative comment. So buyer will pay more time on the products, not only the quality(different country different standards), but also the certificates.

SAM TOYS sells positive cooperate with corss border E-COMMERCE cause the market requirement.

We are training the sells more professional about how to service of corss border E-COMMERCE in our company. It includes that recommend the products of cross border E-COMMERCE,choose the suppliers that are good at controling delievery time, full certificates, hot selling products’ development and production.

In the another side,current lots of cities in china are secure. We will attend some fairs to propagate.



We also attended the living show with oversea e-commerce sellers on alibaba.

No matter E-COMMERCE seller building platform byself, or E-COMMERCE seller on platform, we hope that we can set up long term business way, support each other,cooperate closely, try our best to offer best service for E-COMMERCE seller.

If you have any requirement or thingking, welcome to contact with us. E-MAIL: